Australian Credit Licence

At the start of 2011, the credit industry saw the implementation of many changes that had been in the making for several years. This came in the form of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) and now all brokers and lenders must adhere to a very clear process when dealing with clients. While some see this as an obstacle to getting the deal done, we embrace the changes. For us this is the right step to ensuring that the client is protected and will always end up with the best product. Many of the changes that the NCCP require were already in place at Bluehive. This includes how we keep our records, how we identify a client's needs, assess their affordability plus many other logistical procedures. Right from day one we have had our own custom software that helps us to be as effective as possible for our clients.

One of the key elements of NCCP is the need for any credit provider to hold a licence. Obtaining the licence involves setting out a very detailed plan covering almost every component of the business, especially those that include dealing with clients. Bluehive made a decision to hold a licence in their own right rather than become authorised under another group's licence. We felt this would help us maintain our independence. Our licence number is 388107 and we will maintain this by arranging external audits each year. What all this means is that you can be confident that Bluehive is professional, ethical and absolutely committed to being the best broker for our clients.