Career in Broking

If you are seeking a career in finance broking then you should consider contacting Bluehive. You may already be working in the industry, or possibly looking for a change in career and lifestyle.

If you are motivated and love the idea of helping clients reach their financial goals we would like to talk to you about joining the team.

Why join Bluehive?

Bluehive has established strong relationships at both Lender and Industry level.  Established over 18 years ago, we have seen many changes in the industry as it matured and have the knowledge and experience to help guide and support brokers.    We have developed systems and processes over the years which are designed to help the broker maintain efficiency and effectiveness in their day to day dealings with clients, lenders and industry stakeholders.    Our processes are also designed to assist the loan writer to meet their compliance obligations.

Developing a long lasting client base

The best explanation we can give about developing a quality client base is by the famous proverb: 'give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'. By showing you how to obtain clients and referrals you will develop skills that will endure through your career and ensure a steady flow of new business.

Establish a good network of supply

Without quality relationships and loan products the broker will be limited in how well they can service a client. A Bluehive broker will become aligned with the best in the industry right from aggregators to lenders to referrers and to Bluehive.

Deliver a loan in the most efficient manner possible

To run a successful finance broking business you need to be efficient. This couldn't be more important since the introduction of credit licensing in 2011. Even before this event Bluehive implemented a custom CRM software package (BluePro) to assist in tracking clients and loans to meet licencing compliance.  Without a tool like this it would take a lot more time to correctly manage your client records. This will be available to you at no cost to ensure you have as much time as possible to look after your clients.

We have worked carefully to develop a system of support and assistance that truly adds value to a broker's business. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Jonathan Gan on his email -