Commercial Equipment Financing 

Equipment Finance Melbourne

As a general rule, you should always finance your equipment purchase. Preserving capital (cash) is important for all businesses as it keeps your balance sheet strong and healthy. By financing your equipment purchase, you are spreading the cost of the purchase over a period of time and funding from the cash flow of your business.

This means that the cost of the equipment has a smaller financial impact on your business at the time of purchase. Further, the interest cost is also a deductible expense for your business which means that you are funding the cost of the purchase from pre-tax revenues.

There are a number of considerations which we look at when determining the type of finance facility which best suits your business. These include:

  • Type of equipment
  • Cost of equipment
  • GST implications
  • Accounting and Tax positioning
  • Ownership desire or preference for upgrading

Committed to assisting business owners and operators Bluehive Financial Services proudly offers reputable equipment finance solutions across the Melbourne metropolitan area and beyond. Due to our professionalism, our team can source the right equipment finance service for your requirements.

Since 2002 the loan brokers at Bluehive have helped our commercial clients grow and improve their businesses thanks to our tailored commercial equipment financing services. No matter the type of commercial equipment you desire to purchase, you can trust our experts to find the best financing solution for your financial situation.

Once we have established the type of finance facility, we look at the structure of the loan which includes the length of the finance term (generally matching the useful life of the equipment), and the possibility of having a residual/balloon at the end of the term (equity and cash flow consideration). Our experience and understanding of commercial equipment finance will ensure your business secures the best available facility that is tailored to suit your needs.

If you are considering an equipment purchase, simply contact our office to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants. Passionate about delivering an honest and transparent set of services the team at Bluehive can match you with commercial equipment financing that matches your budget and requirements. Call us today on 03 9836 5200 to make an appointment with our friendly team.