Other Services

Our business has evolved through the establishment of relationships with people of like mind and passion.  Relationships which we have established and maintained are a result of knowing that the people we are dealing with are ethical at all times and can (importantly) back this up with the highest standard of customer service.

Apart from arranging finance for our clients, Bluehive also offers in house services or external consultancy in the following areas:

tick Motor Vehicle Purchasing

If you are looking to purchase a new car, we are able to assist by negotiating with the dealer on your behalf. Not only does this take out the stress of “haggling” with a dealer, we can save you time and money as well. Our association with JIVVE car buying service, provide our clients with exclusive access to a buying service which guarantees the highest level of customer service when it comes to the purchase experience. Our knowledge of the car industry and established relationships with several dealerships means we can ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible.

tick Property Buying Service

If you are inexperienced in property negotiations or simply wish to keep a low profile, then we are here to help. If you have found a property which you would like to purchase, we can represent you as a buyers advocate. This service involves establishing the buying interest held in the property, whilst using careful negotiations to secure the property. Our fee is negotiated upfront and is payable upon a successful purchase.

tick Property Investments

Bluehive has established relationships with two property marketing specialists that provide our clients with exclusive access to a number of property developments, prior to release (pre-release) to the general public. This service is about giving our clients access to the best selection choice within a development. These properties are not marketed through the normal estate agent channel, and they are not advertised for sale to the general public until the pre-releases are fully sold. If you are currently looking at purchasing an investment property (or possibly even for owner occupied use), you should contact us to see what we have available. The majority of these developments are located within 25klms of the CBD.

tick Financial Planning/Superannuation/Insurances

Financial planning is essentially about establishing a suitable investment strategy that will match your level of risk comfort, with a view to positioning yourself to achieve a desired level of financial security at your retirement. Careful tax planning around your investments, superannuation and insurances are carefully considered in this process. If you are interested in seeking financial planning advice, simply give us a call and we will arrange a meeting with our financial planning associate.

tick Accounting Services

Depending on the complexity of your taxation and reporting requirements, we have established relationships with a number of Accounting practices that we can put you in touch with to assist you in this area.