James Hyde, Finance Broker

James joined the Bluehive team in 2014, giving us a physical prescence in the Sydney market.  

James was a client of Jonathan before undertaking a career change back in 2014 and it was through his appreciation of the benefits of a good finance broker that led his decision to leave the corporate world to forge a new career as a finance broker.  

In the corporate world, James had an extensive background in Sales and Marketing Management from more than 18 years at senior level in the Australian wine industry.  His finance, sales, communication and management skills, coupled with a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, equips him well as he builds a solid prescence in the Harbour State and his extensive network elsewhere in Australia.

Based in Manly, he is regularly found 'cracking waves' on weekends, or hiking in Sydney's beautiful National Parks.  James is also a passionate Golfer. 

M. 0412 220 945
E.  james.hyde@bluehive.com.au