Looking to finance a new or used motor vehicle? Our extensive knowledge of motor vehicle finance will ensure your loan is tailored to suit your business or individual requirements.

BUSINESS (Commercial)

You can qualify for motor-vehicle finance if you are predominately using your vehicle for work or business purposes. This can either be for your own business, or if your employer can confirm you’re using your vehicle for work purposes.


If you’re looking for a car to get from A to B, and mainly use your car for personal use, we have multiple finance options to best suit your personal needs.


We can also look into various insurance and warranty options including extended warranties, gap cover, loan protection insurance, comprehensive insurance and more.

Here’s how our process works


Complete a Bluehive application form and provide supporting income documents. We will provide a checklist.


Quick assessment of your financial position and undertanding your needs. We also help clients negotiate with dealers.


We present you the best finance packages available for your to meet your needs.

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